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Why should I use a collection agency?

We want your business to thrive as much as you do! Collecting on past-due receivables is a time-consuming and frustrating process that can have a low ROI. Because collections is our business, this allows you to focus on yours, while also providing returns on delinquent debt that you might not otherwise recover.

Why should I use Credits, Incorporated as my collection agency?

We are a family owned business that holds over 40 years of experience and fosters strong ties to the communities we serve. Our client base includes health clinics, law firms, public agencies, and retail outlets. Regardless of size, your accounts will be our priority; we will work hard to collect the money owed while still maintaining your company's reputation.

When should an account be turned for collection?

Communication is key, and when a customer stops communicating or fails to respond to your billings after 90-120 days, it's time to turn the account over to a collector.

What if I don't have a current address for my customer?

Returned mail is often an indicator that you've lost contact. We utilize numerous resources to locate customers who have moved or fled the area. Our staff prides itself on their ability to do skiptracing, which ultimately locates delinquent customers.

If necessary, we can forward your accounts to one of over 3500 American Collector's Association affiliates located around the world.

How much will it cost to turn accounts for collection?

We work on a contingency basis. If we don't collect, you don't pay a dime. Commission rates vary based on the age, volume, and type of accounts turned over for collection.

How does Credits, Incorporated handle privacy?

All information provided is considered confidential and is covered by our internal privacy policy. We are also governed by numerous regulations, including the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the HIPPA privacy act, which require that your information be treated with absolute confidentiality.

How do I get started?

Credits Incorporated will gladly provide you a written proposal outlining our fees and services. We can accept your account information in a variety of ways. Please contact our marketing department so we can customize a plan that will be easy for you.

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