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Account Assignment

Upon submission, your accounts are securely stored in our tracking system and a written receipt is provided for your records. This information is then used to solicit payment in full from delinquent consumers.

Strategic Technologies

We're always investing in technology to meet the highest industry standards. Our predictive dialing system allows us to maximize the number of successful contacts that can be made per day and our work is strategically prioritized in order to recover your past-due receivables quickly and efficiently.

Education and Training

Our staff is always on hand to answer any questions you might have about managing receivables and delinquent debt. We also offer training seminars, allowing our clients the opportunity to educate their staff on the collections process.

Legal Expertise

Our collection department is made up of experienced, knowledgeable members who are thoroughly versed in the regulations regarding collections and legal judgments. We do pursue legal action, when necessary, and support all court costs.

Early Accounts Management

Credits, Incorporated can assist you in your accounts receivable process by utilizing a variety of early-intervention products. Contact us to learn how best to use these strategies.

Customized Reporting

Our secure client web portal, Client Access Web, allows flexible and customized reports to suit your needs and your schedule.

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